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Terms and costs

Terms and costs

  • Construction of Steel Buildings

    The deadline for the basic package – the Structural Design, manufacture and building completion - is 8 to 10 weeks.

  • Foundations and production

    Foundations and production of a standard building (1000 – 3000 m2) rarely exceeds 3 months considering that the foundations and the production can be performed simultaneously. In other words if we take for granted the ideal case, you can get the buiding finished in 4 months after the design contract is signed. You should exclude the administrative and bureaucratic delays that may appear before you receive the Building Permit.

  • Structural Design

    The cost of the Structural Design is included in the cost of the building and you have to pay it completely only in case the project does not start.

  • design for all parts

    The cost of the design for all parts could be also minimized if you decide to delegate the complex construction service to our company.

  • 100% accurate cost

    Due to our calculation program we give 100% accurate cost (upper budget price) for the building, before the design, and when some basic parameters are fixed:

    - location (for fixing the loads – snow, wind, seismic and additional loads);
    -application (for choosing the right roof and wall system);
    - width, length, height.

  • foundations cost

    The cost of the foundations could be also evaluated comparatively accurate in case of taking into account standard foundation conditions.

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