The design is an integral and essential part of the construction process. Our professional design team contributed to the successful implementation of each our project.

Here's what we implement:

Metal buildings are our essential competence and the capacity of the company is focused in their design and implementation. Our designers have extensive experience mostly in the steel structures design. We have developed a system that allows the drafting of a project in a short time, consistent with the installation technology and with low cost of steel. The in-depth knowledge of standards, the usage of modern software and the continuous upgrading skills of our specialists are additional insurance for excellent results, despite the challenges that appear in the working process.

Modern technologies in the prefabrication performance require preparation of a special part of the project - facade engineering. This includes pre-cutting of panels, their construction and attachment method; flashings for framing corners, plinths, doors and windows openings, building dewatering. The challenges of this part of the design require formation as a specific service in construction. The complete systems we are working with are easily feasible, competitive and intelligent solution that can only be in favour of your business objectives. The experienced engineering team guarantees the project’s successful design and implementation.

The professionally prepared Structural Design is a must for the building’s stability and security. Besides the metal structure design, it includes design of foundations, floorings, attached buildings and reinforced concrete facilities. Our designers are part of a construction company team and have excellent knowledge of the construction process and implementation technology. This allows them to monitor the construction cost of the building at the design stage by strictly observing of construction norms. The structural design is crucial for the successful implementation of the entire building in terms of perfect balance between quality, price and security. We offer flexibility in the preparation of the complete structural design, or its individual parts, depending on customer needs.

The creation of a building for your business goals requires serious preparation and design of the building’s various parts. Several factors that ensure the stability, functionality, energy efficiency and comfort, are considered in the drafts preparation. Our experience in designing of prefabricated industrial buildings helps us considering the maximum number of factors determining the efficiency of the building. We offer project preparation both individually and for all parts:
  • Architecture
  • Structural
  • Electricity
  • Water and Sewerage
  • Heating, Ventilation and Climatization  
  • Vertical Planning and Geodesy
  • Safety and Health Plan
  • Fire and Emergency Safety
  • Landscaping
  • Energy Efficiency  
  • Technology
  • Outside connections

Our experience proved that this service has its important role not by chance. The Building Permit, the proper preparation and arrangement of the necessary documentation, visit of the authorized institutions in accordance with the codes of practice - these are just some of the things that you can successfully implement with our assistance. In case the project has been prepared by us, the project’s building permit appears to be easier and faster. Our support and accurate advice will help you pass through these administrative requirements.

Regardless a project is made by us or selected by the investor design team, the project management is crucial for the successful planning and construction. Coordination between planners, budget control, adequate knowledge of all available on the market technologies and requirements - this may be a privilege only of a professional team with extensive experience in the construction sector.
Here are things that can be useful and effective in this regard:
  • Consultancy in the field of financing and spots of land research
  • Infrastructure, planning and economic and technical feasibility of the project
  • Projects’ assistance with all government authorities for the Building Permit
  • Project management, including selection of subcontractors (mainly for the electrical, heating and ventilation, water and sewerage installations)
  • Constructionorganization
  • Finished buildings with permit for use


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