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The execution of concrete works has gradually become an integral part of our range of services. The efficiency of the work process has proven that this is the best way to offer a complete service to our customers. Their recommendations proved that the completeness of the services we offer make us as useful as possible for our clients.


The foundations are the first stage of the implementation of each building and include: excavation works; foundations; reinforced concrete struts; rafters and reinforced concrete flooring.


Administrative and residential buildings

Despite the numerous and modern construction technologies, the method of monolithic construction has not lost its relevance. The buildings built in a monolithic way allow the realization of various architectural solutions.

For many of our clients we have built administrative buildings by the method of monolithic construction, as a classic finish of the production or storage base.



Technological equipment

These are complex reinforced concrete castings / retaining walls, foundations for machines, separators, baths for pouring liquids, swimming pools, etc./, which are used for the technological equipment of our customers. This is one of the most complex examples of monolithic construction that we deal with successfully.


Other our services



Construction of Client's Project Design

Additional Services